KINGKNIT ENTERPRISE was established in Taiwan since 1984.

Established in Taiwan since 1984, KINGKNIT ENTERPRISE, the parent company, laid the foundation for KINGKNIT Safety in 1994. We established a dedicated safety tape sub-factory and ventured into joint manufacturing facilities, specializing in the production and export of various safety products. One facility primarily catered to China's vast domestic market, while the other served to achieve cost-effectiveness in the competitive market. Our unwavering goal has always been to manufacture high-quality products, ensuring our esteemed customers benefit from over two decades of our expertise. We have nurtured a formidable team of technicians and a dedicated sales force, accumulating invaluable experience in designing Safety Warning Tape, manufacturing Barrier Tape, Underground Detectable/Non-Detectable Tape, PVC Adhesive Marking Tape, and more.
Presently, we operate two branch factories strategically located in Xiamen and Ningbo, two of China's most prominent export hub cities. Our business model is rooted in implementing the highest management standards and an unwavering commitment to honesty as we diligently strive to meet the demands of our discerning clients.
At KINGKNIT Safety, we firmly believe that the future of business hinges on QUALITY and CREDIT. Our success is underpinned by our deep understanding of promotional and marketing deadlines. This is why we consistently ensure that every order is delivered punctually.
We wholeheartedly welcome inquiries from you and invite you to join our business. We are dedicated to providing top-notch safety products that meet your requirements, backed by our commitment to quality and trust.

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