Top 10 Popular Sales Items for 2023

As we bid farewell to our vacation and approach the end of another year, let's take some time to review the outstanding products that have caused a stir in 2023. KINGKNIT Safety proudly showcases our top ten products, each item showcasing our commitment to providing high-quality protection tailored to meet the diverse needs of your employees. Join the KINGKNIT family and explore the unique features of these products, showcasing their outstanding performance in terms of safety and performance.

Barricade Tape
Warning tape is an important safety device mainly used to indicate hazardous areas or potential hazards, to remind people to pay attention to safety. It is usually made of eye-catching colored high-strength plastic and is commonly found on construction sites, warehouses, and other industrial sites.

Key Features Include: High Visibility、Customizable、Danger Zone Marking、Weather-resistant、Sturdy and Tough

Aluminum foil underground detectable warning tape
Aluminum foil underground detectable warning tape is a warning device designed specifically to protect underground pipelines and cables. Using high-quality aluminum foil material, eye-catching colors and special materials make it easy to identify in underground environments, thereby reminding operators to avoid potential hazardous areas and effectively preventing damage caused by accidental excavation.

Key Features Include:Visual Warning、Underground Detectability、Durability and Stability、Easy Installation and Removal

Underground detectable tracer wire warning tape
Warning tape designed specifically for underground pipelines, cables, and other facilities. It is made of high-strength materials with metal wires sandwiched on the surface to improve conductivity and underground detectability.

Key Features Include:Underground detectability, durability and stability, easy installation and removal

Reflective Tape
Reflective warning tape is a safety warning device made of special reflective materials. It uses highly reflective materials, such as reflective film or reflective cloth, and is specially treated to reflect bright light under light irradiation. This type of warning tape is usually equipped with eye-catching colors and reflective stripes to enhance its visibility.

Key Features Include:High Visibility、Enhanced Safety、Easy to Use and Install、Durability and Longevity

Antislip floor tape
Made of wear-resistant materials, the tape has excellent wear resistance and can withstand areas with high pedestrian traffic. The frosted surface provides good grip, prevents slipping and falling, and ensures personnel safety. Suitable for various indoor places, such as shopping malls, hotels, schools and other public areas, as well as family places such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Key Features Include:Wear-resistant Durability、Express setup、Broad applications

PVC marking floor tape
PVC floor marking tape, designed specifically for 5S management in the workplace. Using high-quality PVC material, it has excellent wear resistance, slip resistance, and weather resistance, ensuring long-lasting durability under various environmental conditions. The bright colors and clear markings make the tape easy to identify, providing intuitive guidance and warnings for the workplace.

Key Features Include:Clear Identification、Anti-slip Performance、Durability and Weather Resistance、Easy Cleaning and Removal

Glow in the dark tape
Made of light storage materials, it can absorb light during the day and release soft light at night. Tape has a soft texture that can be easily bent and shaped, suitable for various curved and irregular surfaces. Its appearance usually comes in various colors and patterns to choose from, adding decoration and fun.

Key Features Include:Decorative、Self-glowing Characteristic、Indication and Warning

Safety reflective vest
Using special high reflective materials, it can reflect the surrounding light in dim light, making you more prominent at night or in low light environments. The bright fluorescent colors and comfortable materials make you feel at ease during outdoor activities or night work.

Key Features Include:Improve visibility、 comfort, adapt to multiple scenarios、and quickly wear and remove

Dipped rubber safety cutting gloves
The surface of the gloves has undergone special impregnation treatment. It has good oil resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, and cutting resistance, suitable for fields such as petroleum, chemical, and medical.

Key Features Include:Wear resistance, slip resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, and cutting resistance

Traffic cone
The design of the traffic cone complies with international standards and has high reflective performance, making it clear and visible during day and night. It is lightweight and easy to carry, making it an ideal choice for rapid deployment when needed, making it an ideal choice for traffic safety management.

Key Features Include:Warning function, lane isolation, temporary traffic control


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