8 Tapes: Their Crucial Uses in the Workplace

Warning Tape
Use: Primarily used for warnings and alerts, such as setting up safety barriers in construction sites or equipment repair areas to prevent people from entering dangerous zones.
Features: Typically has a bright color, such as yellow or orange, and has prominent warning messages.

Reflective Tape
Use: Improves visibility in dark or low-light conditions, commonly used on clothing, safety equipment, road signs, etc.
Features: Reflects light, making it particularly visible at night or in low-light environments.

5S Floor Marking Tape
Use: Mainly used in factory or office 5S management (Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain), marking areas or items for positioning.
Features: Available in multiple colors, customizable, suitable for factory and office environments.

Underground Detectable Tape(3 items)
Use: Used to mark underground utilities such as pipes and cables for easy detection.
Features: Made from special material that can withstand underground conditions for long durations.

Antislip Tape
Use: Applied to smooth surfaces to increase traction and prevent slipping, commonly used on stairs, bathtubs, etc.
Features: Surface has a texture design to increase friction.

Glow in the Dark Tape
Use: Glows in the dark, commonly used for nighttime marking or decorations.
Features: Absorbs light during the day and glows brightly in the dark.

Packing Tape
Use: Used for securing and protecting packaged items.
Features: Typically has strong adhesion and is made from durable material.

Electrical Tape
Use: Used to insulate electrical wires and connections, ensuring safety.
Features: Highly insulating, flame-resistant, and dielectric strength.


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