Underground Tape

Detectable Mesh Tape

---Detectamesh detectable mesh is manufactured from high strength coloured rot resistant homopolymer polypropylene plastic mesh incorporating a traceable stainless steel wire or aluminium foil strip, and overprinted with a warning message in black. Available in a range of colours including blue, green, red and yellow.
---This type of tape is commonly used to mark the location of buried utilities, such as electrical cables, gas pipelines, water mains, fiber optic cables, and telecommunications lines. It serves as a visual guide and a detectable marker, enhancing safety and preventing disruptions to utility services during construction and digging projects. The additional strength provided by the mesh construction also offers added protection to the buried infrastructure, reducing the risk of damage caused by accidental impacts during excavation.
---Support customers to customize the color, size, thickness, and printing content of warning tapes.

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